Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Save Our Needy Helps Marginalized Women Break The Cycle of Poverty

Participants receiving training on craftswork

In present day Nigeria, many women face a lot of economic challenges and this is even more evident because a lot of women are the breadwinners in their households. Many women are teetering precariously on the brink of lifelong poverty as a result of illiteracy, unemployment and gender inequality issues. 

The craftswork trainer at work

Save Our Needy believes that women should be given every opportunity to fulfill their potential, no matter their circumstances. They should be organized and strengthened. Investing in women’s economic empowerment will lead to realizing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of ending hunger, poverty, promoting economic empowerment and gender equality as all these cannot be achieved without empowering women with a means of livelihood.

During the craftswork training

Lifting women out of poverty is one of the most effective antidotes to the nation’s pressing problems. Women play a special role in the society by contributing not only to family well-being, but to community well-being as a whole.

Project SAVE (Skills Acquisition Vocational training and Empowerment) was initiated to help underserved women become self-sufficient through vocational training and economic empowerment. Through this initiative, the organization gives free training on income-generating skills to marginalized and vulnerable women as well as provides them with the necessary equipment to start their own small businesses at the end of the training.

A participant trying her hands on making recycled ankara sandals

Save Our Needy reached out to 30 women living in Ajegunle/Orile (an urban slum) to freely train them on catering (the making of finger foods) and craftwork which involves the use of a local fabric (Ankara) to produce or recycle items such as bags and footwear.
Participants were also trained on financial literacy skills, leadership skills and entrepreneurship skills. These skills will prepare them for their new small businesses.
During the craftswork training

Participants engrossed in making finger foods

During the catering class

Cocktails made by participants of the program

During the leadership, entrepreneurship and financial literacy skills class

The project was very successful and all the participants all had wonderful encomiums to pour on the SON team after 5 weeks of intensive training by experts.

Ankara-made bags
Recycled bag and sandal made from ankara fabric

Finger foods and cocktails ready for consumption

Since inception, Save Our Needy (SON) has successfully implemented empowerment and entrepreneurship programs aimed at encouraging women and young people to become financially independent.

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